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Stripping down the bottleneck


AR has been there from a long time but the viewer had to download an extra app to experience it. That kind of viewing restriction essentially killed any chance at it being useful for marketing. With WebAR that accessibilty wall is broken and AR can be experienced seamlessly

Speedy Development

It takes months to develop an AR APP whereas with our 3dxar WebAR that development time is reduced to a matter of days. Now you have the full control over the deployment and content strategies

ROI matters

The webAR experiences are created to drive ROI. Brand awareness, KPI all are considered and an efficient strategic AR experience is creasted. The power of data and analytics is setup to give you the full power for your campaign

Affordable AR

The webAR experiences are developed on 3dxar's webAR technology that runs effeciently with no need of third party plugins. Thus a true limitless webAR is on cards

Add an another dimension


What’s more disruptive than creating a new reality? VR and AR have the power to transform any sector!


Instagram / facebookfilters are now being used by the biggest brands around the world to drive brand awareness and better engage their audience with shareable, interactive experiences.

Print Media

AR creates opportunities for print publicists and advertisers to adapt by bridging the gap between the digital and the physical.AR can create differentiated, immersive and impactful experiences for print.


Event organizers/ wedding planners try their best to make the venue look lavish.With the rise of technology and social media a number of opportunities to awe the guests have emerged, AR is one of them.

Products and Services

1. For Brands Marketers and Advertisers


Augmented Reality experiences for facebook

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Augmented Reality experiences/stories filters for insatagram

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WEB AR Services

True webAR with inhouse technology

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2. For Print Marketing and Product Packaging

AR in Prints

Augmented Reality experiences for printd materialsk

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Newspaper AR

Connecting offline to online

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AR in Packaging

Conveying useful information that lives in the memory

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3. For Weddings, Events and Exhibitions

AR Invites

New Genration of wedding cards merging tradition with technology

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On-Venue AR

Transforming the venue with rich AR experiences that increases the awe factor

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AR Photo Booth

New generation of photo booths where your guest can use custom filters with the options of attractive props and wonderful backgrounds and much more with just a QR code.

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